Romania Holiday Vacations

Travel to Romania to hear the story of Albatross Travel that began in the winter of 1998. Our passion for nature, beautiful structures and the desire of sharing with the others all the seen and unseen beauties of our country was the leading factor in opening this tourism agency in order to show the world what Romania is really about.
Its touristic value is highly increased by the three world known aces: the Carpathians, the Black Sea and the Danube Delta. Combined or separately taken, these wonderful nature gifts have and always will amaze people around the world who come to visit Romania.
Throughout the years Albatross Travel has been providing travel services with Bucharest airport transfers for approximately 15.000 foreign tourists that have been travelling to Romania. Our main markets for incoming tourism are United States, Great Britain, Israel, Canada and we are still expanding. In the last decade our country has become very popular as a holiday destination on the touristic world map, therefore the large number of foreign tourists that visit Romania for various reasons. Be it the wild beauty of the landscapes, the meaning behind the great structures or the hospitality of the Romanian people it has become very obvious that our country has a huge tourism potential and whoever comes to visit Romania will see it as it truly is, a country blessed by God.
As a tourism agency besides the tours making we also provide other services such as: Bucharest airport transfers, rent-a-car in Bucharest and services that are specific to the departments of incoming and outgoing tourism, airline ticketing and also travel consultancy. The reasons for which tourists travel to Romania can be various, for example if being a businessman looking for organizing a conference, a traveler that wants to discover the unwritten history behind the walls of the numerous fortified churches and citadels or just a person that would like to taste a little bit of everything, for all of those we can arrange the perfect travel services with Bucharest airport transfers.

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