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How much did the Romanians spent at New Year’s Eve

Nearly 111,000 Romania tours spent New Year’s Eve at the resorts in the country , up 15% from the previous year , and spent about 95 million lei, still growing by 15%, according to the Romania tours Tourism Employers’ Federation ( FPTR ).

Abroad, only for travel , the Romania tours spent about 5.3 million EUR , up 70 % from a year earlier , ” according to estimates FPTR made ​​based on data provided by a reservation system, a survey applied among tourism operators.

The evolution was influenced by the ” bridge”of the days off between Christmas and New Year , the maintenance of the charges , both at home and abroad , offers proposed by agencies, hotels, guesthouses , restaurants and clubs , the fact that the Romania tours began to give up savings regarding expenses holidays .

In Romania tours , the largest increases were recorded for mountain areas, which attracts 25,000 visitors.

Also, 30000 people have paid for New Year ‘s hotels offer great cities of Romania tours, up 20% from a year earlier .

In rural areas , tourists were 29000 this year , while 26000 chose to spend their holidays in resorts , for seaside opted just 600 people , and 100 at Danube Delta.

Regarding tariffs during the holidays , it is found that they have not changed from the previous year , except Delta and rural areas , where there was an increase of 3% tariff .

Regarding foreign destinations most requested were as at the end of 2012 , Austria , Bulgaria , Greece and Turkey.

“This year there was an increase in demand for exotic destinations , due to a number of days off that allows travel in remote destinations and the change of the mentality of the Romania tours, who began to give up the economy in terms of holidays . Many Romanians have bought travel services using the online booking system , so the number of individual tourists , who do not resort to organized tourism services through agencies is increasing , but the number can not be considered ” FPTR officials say .

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