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Visit Romania and book Romania tours with Albatross Travel to find out the mysteries of our country. Come and visit Romania and you will be surprised. Rent-a-car in Bucharest with driver.

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Travel to Romania and experience the wild life in Carpathians mountains on board of a 4x4 car. We promise you an adventure to remember in all of our Romania tours. Bucharest airport transfers with SUV.


Rent-a-car in Bucharest. Give us a call and tell us from where to where would you like to travel to Romania. Enjoy your holiday in our country in the safest possible way. Rent-a-car for Romania tours.

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Bucharest airport transfers. Are you interested in visiting Romania? Contact us and we will make sure you will have the safest airport transfer to the right place in the right time. Rent-a-car in Bucharest with driver.


Bucharest hotels. Do you want to spend your holiday in Romania? You don't have a place to stay? That's easy! Contact us and we 'll book you a hotel room with Bucharest airport transfers.

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Bucharest flight tickets.Do you want to travel to Romania or do you have a business meeting?? Contact us now and we'll book you a flight ticket for Bucharest.

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Bucharest meeting rooms. Albatross Travel has the best solution for your business meetings providing special personalized services. Meeting Rooms in Romania.

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Travel to Romania

     Travel to Romania to hear the story of Albatross Travel that began in the winter of 1998. Our passion for nature, beautiful structures and the desire of sharing with the others all the seen and unseen beauties of our country was the leading factor in opening this tourism agency in order to show the world what Romania is really about.
     Its touristic value is highly increased by the three world known aces: the Carpathians, the Black Sea and the Danube Delta. Combined or separately taken, these wonderful nature gifts have and always will amaze people around the world who come to visit Romania.
     Throughout the years Albatross Travel has been providing travel services with Bucharest airport transfers for approximately 15.000 foreign tourists that have been travelling to Romania. Our main markets for incoming tourism are United States, Great Britain, Israel, Canada and we are still expanding. In the last decade our country has become very popular as a holiday destination on the touristic world map, therefore the large number of foreign tourists that visit Romania for various reasons. Be it the wild beauty of the landscapes, the meaning behind the great structures or the hospitality of the Romanian people it has become very obvious that our country has a huge tourism potential and whoever comes to visit Romania will see it as it truly is, a country blessed by God.
     As a tourism agency besides the tours making we also provide other services such as: Bucharest airport transfers, rent-a-car in Bucharest and services that are specific to the departments of incoming and outgoing tourism, airline ticketing and also travel consultancy. The reasons for which tourists travel to Romania can be various, for example if being a businessman looking for organizing a conference, a traveler that wants to discover the unwritten history behind the walls of the numerous fortified churches and citadels or just a person that would like to taste a little bit of everything, for all of those we can arrange the perfect travel services with Bucharest airport transfers.

Romania tours

     When it comes to organizing tours we have three main categories: guided, self-driving and adventure 4X4 tours. You can rent-a-car in Bucharest for them. Each of them reveals a part of the Romanian territory with unique culture, traditions, breath-taking landscapes and wonderful people, that will amaze the tourist and will make him want to visit Romania again and discover more. Of course there is always the possibility for the tourist to make his own personalized tour so that he visits specific places and touristic objectives that he is especially interested in by renting a car in Bucharest.
     At the section of guided tours but also at the self-driving one the tourist will find a wide range of offers that covers the main attractions in the country, such as tours at the seaside, in the mountains, in rural areas and in famous cities and resorts as well as tours that are mainly focused on historical, cultural or religious objectives with Bucharest airport transfers included. Usually the guided Romania tours includes in the price the following services: transportation by private car or minibus depends on the number of persons with unlimited fuel, an English speaking driver that will also be the guide, accommodation in three to four stars hotels ( on the customer demand ), entrance fee at the touristic objectives in the program; sometimes depending on the tour program the package can include wine tasting programs, lunch or dinner menus ( the breakfast is always included ) and other entertaining activities. In which concerns the self - driving Romania tours, the tourist will be basically in charge with all the activities we design for him in the tour offer. He will be provided one of our cars and accommodation with breakfast included in three to four stars hotels as well as assistance on the whole period while visiting Romania. The 4X4 adventure tours take place mostly in the mountains on rough terrain where nature is the main character and the human touch can be seen here and there. Most of the 4X4 Romania tours are based on the two famous, seasonal opened roads, Transfagarasan and Transalpina. Rent a car in Bucharest to enjoy them. The first is one of the most spectacular roads in Europe and it is also known as "The road from the sky ". It crosses the highest mountains in our country, Fagaras Mountains (2544 m) on a 91 km length, linking two historical regions: Muntenia and Transylvania. Although not very well known on the foreign touristic market, Transalpina road has just started to claim its position on the top of most visited touristic places in Romania. Travel to Romania to find the road located at the highest altitude in the country ( 2145m ) and it crosses from North to South the Parang mountains ( 2519m highest altitude ) revealing spectacular views of the Romanian landscapes such as wild gorges, strange rock formations, beautiful caves waiting to be explored and many more.

Visit Romania

     Visit Romania, highly known for the Danube Delta, the wooden Monasteries in Maramures, the painted churches in Bucovina and the region Transylvania mostly known for the legend of Vlad the Impaler or better known as Dracula. The myth surrounding him brings annually over 500 000 tourists (half of them being foreigners) that travel to Romania to visit the notorious Bran Castle. But Transylvania isn't all about Dracula's Castle it has numerous other attractions that represent a big part in our Romania tours. A good example in this case would be the high number of fortified churches and citadels that nowadays stand as a living proof of a long past era. The gorgeous city of Sighisoara, one of the best preserved and still habited medieval citadels in Europe is an important touristic center in Romania. There is also the incredible city of Sibiu designated to be the European capital of culture in 2007 and one of the most important cultural and religious centers in the country. Furthermost tourists that travel to Romania visit Transylvania for its fortified churches ( eight of them are part of the UNESCO heritage site ) that express the Saxon culture in an amazing beautiful architectural style ( Biertan, Prejmer, Harman, Axente Sever ).
     Visit Romania for its historical region of Maramures, known for its original style marked by the amazing churches built entirely from wood. It offers them a unique appearance that highly arouses the interest of tourists. Bucovina is another historical region in Romania that is renown for its churches that posses unique colors; The most famous one is the church from Voronet world known for its blue color that is nowhere to be found in the world.
     When travelling to Romania is an absolutely must to visit the Danube Delta, a remarkable nature gift. The only delta in the world declared to be a Biosphere Reservation, the largest compact reed on the globe and the best preserved one on the European continent, the Danube Delta is present in most of the Romania tours. Beside the mentioned aspects the high attractivity of the Delta is provided also by several attributes such as: a large biodiversity that ranks it on the third place in the world (after the Great Coral Reef and the Galapagos archipelago), the sand banks from Letea and Caraorman, one of the longest snakes in Europe (approximately 1,8m) and the list can go on.

Bucharest airport transfers

     The main point of attraction within a country is the capital city. Get here by Bucharest airport transfers. Beside the politic, administrative, cultural and economic role the capital plays an important touristic part in the development of the country and not only. Bucharest has started to catch up with the other European capitals cities on the complex field of tourism being the most visited in the big majority of Romania tours. With a population of almost two million you can easily tell that this city runs a very hectic life. Bucharest is one of those places where the nightlife is very intense being this way extremely appealing to the young and middle aged category of tourists that come to visit Romania. With diverse bars, terraces and restaurants, the city joins the forever awake European capitals like Berlin and Amsterdam. The cultural attributes it possesses blends very well with the architectural styles of the buildings giving the city, especially to the old city center Lipscani an extravagant and in the same time a very interbelic look. When travelling to Romania the first contact the tourists have with the country is when they land on the airport. In order to help them to easily adjust we offer Bucharest airport transfers available at any hour. Also if they choose to extend their holiday in the capital after the programmed tour is over they can always rent a car in Bucharest from us.
     The most famous touristic objective in the world from Romania is located in Bucharest and is known as The Parliament Palace or the House of People. Bulit in the comunist era, it is a multipurpose buliding containg both chambers of the romanian Parliament. You can see the greatness of the monument from the first glimpse in pictures and afterwards at the first sight of it when it overwhelms you. According to the World Records Academy, the Palace is the World's Largest Civilian Building, the most expensive administrative building and the heaviest one and also the second buliding in the world after the Pentagon, as surface. (365 000 mp). The Village Museum in Bucharest is another touristic objective that is visited in most Romania tours. Located on the lakeside of Herastrau it was established in the year of 1936 and it was one of the first outdoor etnographical museums in the world. What attracts tourists is the large exhibition from different periods that displays different types of rural constructions specific to Romania, such as: houses, inns, stables, water mills and churches from all regions of the country. In addition to this there are many beautiful churches, museums, parks and other bulidings that make Bucharest a city with high tourism potential.
     To sum it all up Romania is a truly blessed country that has all that it takes to be a great incoming market for inbound tourism. It depends on specialized agencies like Albatross Travel to ease the access on the global market and reveal Romania as the unique and beautiful country as it is.